All students in the North Crawford school district will experience a dynamic Academic Career Plan. This plan evolves from the PK-12 learning experiences, both in and out of school, that support employability skills and career awareness, exploration, planning, and training.

The purpose of ACP is to encourage students to showcase quality academic work, discover their strengths, set meaningful and achievable goals, and understand the relationship between academic achievement in high school and postsecondary career and educational opportunities. The goal of the program is to produce North Crawford High School graduates who will begin their adult life with knowledge, skills, motivation and a self-directed plan for career and lifelong success.

Students will be utilizing Career Cruising software to organize and manage their career and academic portfolios. Student ACPs will be supported by classroom lessons, community experiences, and student self-exploration.

Contact Information

Stephanie Colsch
9-12 School Counselor
608-735-4311 Ext. 215

Zoe Ellerbusch
PK-8 School Counselor
608-624-5201 Ext. 104