Hello North Crawford School Community,

My name is Zoe Ellerbusch, and I am the Elementary School Counselor for North Crawford Schools, grades 4K-5th. After graduating from North Crawford in 2004, I earned my Bachelors and Masters degrees at UW-Madison, and worked as a School Counselor in the Madison schools prior to returning to Southwest WI. I am grateful to be living with my own family in the beautiful place where I grew up. 

In my capacity as a school counselor at North Crawford Elementary, I work with students, teachers, and families, to ensure emotional well-being and academic success for all of our students. Each classroom visits me once per week for Guidance Class where we work on Social Emotional Learning (SEL) through the Second Step and Zones of Regulation curriculum. Our four focus areas for SEL are: Skills for Learning, Empathy, Problem Solving, and Emotion Management. 

Families have access to our Second Step curriculum through the website code (sent home and listed below on this page), and through weekly home-links sent home in their child’s backpack. Parents are also able to contact me via email or phone, if they would like their child to be involved with a social emotional skills group and or a one on one meeting.

Thank you for partnering with me to support all of our students!

Zoe Ellerbusch


608-624-5201 Ext. 104