Medication/Procedure Form

Should your child need to be on medication while in school and you would like me/or staff to administer, there is a policy to follow: School Medication Administration Procedures. Written Instructions and consent. School personnel will administer no prescription medications unless and until the following written statements are provided the principal:

  1. Parental Medication Consent - authorizing school personnel to give the medication in the prescribed dosage and authorizing school personnel to contact the physician directly.
  2. Physician Medication Administration instructions - providing guidelines to school personnel regarding the administration of the prescribed medication and identifying specific conditions and circumstances which contact should be made with the physician concerning the condition or reactions of the student to the prescribed medication. All medication prescribed by a physician must have the physician signature on the SCHOOL MEDICATION/PROCEDURE FORM.

The length of time for which medication is to be administered shall be specified in the written instructions from the prescribing physician. Any change in dosage, time to be administered or discontinuance of administration must be in writing at the request of the physician. 

Only limited quantities of any medication shall be kept at school. Said medications shall be kept in a safe place not accessible to students and checked out only by school personnel authorized to administer medications. Medication must be in the original medicine bottle and labeled with the child's name, the drug, its dosage, the time to give and the physician.

If you have any question please call school nurse.