Principal's Message

I am extremely excited to be the Middle/High School Principal at North Crawford. Our school is located amongst an incredible setting of valleys, rivers and beautiful landscape in southwest Wisconsin. We are focused on providing a rigorous and enlightening educational experience for our students and preparing them to be successful when their time at North Crawford comes to a close.

Our emphasis on providing technology resources for our staff and student body is something that we are extremely proud of. We provide a Chromebook for every student from 4th – 12th grade and this allows them a unique opportunity to have technology at their fingertips and build the 21st century skills that are necessary to be successful in our global society.

Whether it be the incredible arts programs, sports, clubs and numerous other endeavors, North Crawford focuses on exposing our tremendous students to opportunities where they can be successful and build a foundation that leads to ambitious careers and fulfilling lives. The facilities here are unique for a school our size and affords our students the ability to pursue numerous endeavors depending on what they are truly passionate about.

As we look toward progressing in the future we value the contributions of our community and continue to build on the tremendous foundation that already exists here. I am proud to be a part of this team and look forward to the exciting things that the future holds for North Crawford!

Toby Tripalin

Middle/High School Principal