The North Crawford Transportation Department does an excellent job for the school district. We currently run 5 bus routes throughout the district. The driver's are able to transport students to and from school safely, in all types of weather and conditions. We appreciate the support and trust that parents show to allow us to transport their son/daughter on our school buses.

Bus routes are developed to maintain maximum efficiency in the use of school transportation vehicles. Frequently large numbers of children will ride to an alternate location using a bus different from their normal or usual bus creating the potential of an overload situation of available student seating on the bus. In an effort to prepare for the necessary adjustments and accommodate these changes, parents are asked to please contact the transportation director at the beginning of the school year or in advance of a route change.

This advance notice is sometimes needed to ensure seating availability on the bus route. If the requested change is outside of an existing bus route, advance notification is crucial. Your understanding and cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated. Please contact Kevin Burke at 624-3484 with questions or to discuss this matter further.

Rules and Procedures


  • Be at all assigned bus stops 5 minutes before bus arrives.
  • Dress appropriately for the weather.
  • Demonstrate proper and safe behavior while at bus stop and on the bus.
  • No inappropriate language.
  • Respect the bus and its driver.
  • Listen to local radio on days of inclement weather for delays or cancellations.
  • Treat all riders with respect.
  • Stay seated, keep objects out of the aisle, and nothing out the window.
  • Be a good listener. The driver is here to assist and keep you safe.
  • Remember, misconduct on the bus may cause a loss of bus riding privileges.
  • We ask that parents/child care providers meet the young students, or give a visual sign to the bus driver, after the students have departed from the bus throughout the entire school year.