Scholarship Name Category Due Date Amount
Engineers Foundation of Wisconsin (EFW) Current Scholarships 12/18/2018 $2,000

The Engineers Foundation of Wisconsin, a non-profit foundation of the Wisconsin Society of Professional Engineers, is pleased to notify you regarding our 2017-2018 Engineering Scholarships. The scholarships are available to graduating high school seniors who plan to study engineering. The State’s EFW Scholarships will be awarded to students enrolled in an ABET accredited program leading to a baccalaureate degree in engineering and intend to enter the profession of engineering upon graduation.


Please note that all scholarship applications should be returned to the local chapter scholarship chairman, in your area, identified near the end of the application form.

All applications should be postmarked no later than Monday, December 18, 2017. If there are any questions about the application form or mailing instructions, please contact Al Lindner, P.E., at (414) 412-7333 during working hours (please leave a message), or any time by e-mail, ALLINDNER1@WI.RR.COM


We are pleased to announce that we have 11 scholarships for a total of $22,000.

  • • The Engineering Foundation of Wisconsin Scholarship, 4 scholarships, each $2000
  • • The Louis C Geiger Scholarship, 3 scholarships, each $2000
  • • The Behling Scholarship, 2 scholarships, each $2000
  • • The WSPE Past Presidents Scholarship, 1 scholarship, $2000
  • • The Yu-Hwa Terry Ni FREE Program, $2000, awarded in 1 or 2 scholarships

There are 3 scholarships in the name of Louis C. Geiger, who as the 1968 WSPE President advanced the engineering profession and our High School Students Awards Program. Another returning scholarship(s) is provided by Yu-Hwa Terry Ni, P.E. through the Funds for the Restoration and Enhancement of the Earth (FREE) Program. The FREE Program is established to encourage and increase involvement activities for restoration and enhancement of the Earth to improve sustainability.

EFW will be awarding a total of $22,000 (an increase of $4000 since October 2016) through the 11 scholarships this year. Each applicant will be considered for all scholarships.

In addition to the State’s EFW Scholarship Program, several local chapters of the WSPE organization, throughout the state, also award scholarships to students in their local areas. They will be using the same application form for their selection and awards.

Other Information:

Please visit for a scholarship application.

Wisconsin Rural Schools Alliance Scholarship Current Scholarships 2/15/2019 $750

In recognition of the tremendous efforts put forth by the Wisconsin’s rural schools to provide their students with quality education in an ever-changing environment, it is with pleasure that the Wisconsin Rural Schools Alliance (WiRSA) offers an annual scholarship program.

To qualify, participating schools must be current paid members of WiRSA.

The scholarship will be awarded annually to one graduating high school senior from each of the four membership regions of Wisconsin as specified in the organization’s bylaws. An additional at-Large scholarship will be given to the next highest scoring applicant. Each recipient will receive a one-time cash scholarship of $750 to be used by the student to help defray the costs of post-secondary education and related expenses. A written essay is required for the application that expands on the following information:

  • the benefits of attending a rural school
  • your college and career goals
  • the value of growing up in a rural community and what personal values you have gained from your experience

Each recipient will receive a one-time cash scholarship of $750.00, to be used by the student to help defray the costs of post-secondary education and related expenses.

Other Information:


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