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Amy Anderson

Amy Anderson, 1 day ago

NC Teachers miss their students! #staferathome #TrojanPride

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Toby Tripalin

Toby Tripalin, 1 day ago

Good afternoon Middle and High School Parents. I have attached a letter to help clarify what our current educational process is and what it will look like moving forward. I hope that this letter finds you healthy and able to navigate the challenges that this pandemic presents.

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North Crawford School District

North Crawford School District, 4 days ago

Thank you to one of our amazing community partners Richland-Grant Telephone Cooperative. They provided a free WiFi hotspot for the district to install on our building. Families or community members who are in need of internet services are welcome to park in the school's front parking lot and use the wireless internet. The attached map shows that you should park on the high school side of the front lot to ensure the best WiFi signal. Great things are happening at North Crawford Schools!!

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Jen Kapinus

Jen Kapinus, 5 days ago

Today is day 4 of our meal delivery service and we have served nearly 3000 meals! Nathan Stubbs is loving his lunch and breakfast. We love hearing from kids and parents. Please keep sending your pictures and notes, we love receiving them.

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