Student assessment is an important process used to continually evaluate the academic progress of students. State assessments, district assessments, and classroom assessments all contribute to the complete picture of student assessment.

Our students currently participate in the Forward Exam, Fastbridge testing,  STAR Reading and Math assessments, and the ACT test. The Forward Exam is a state standardized test taken by 3rd through 10th grade students in theSpring of each school year. Fastbridge is an assessment used as an early literacy screening as well as an overall reading and math assessment in grades 4K-6th.  STAR Reading and Math assessments are used in 6th-10th grades.  

The North Crawford School District believes in a Balanced Assessment System, consisting of formative, benchmark, and summative assessments. The Forward Exam is an example of a summative assessment. Fastbridge and STAR assessments are examples of benchmark assessments. Of course, the most important assessments, formative assessments, are the daily authentic assessments performed by our teachers in the classroom. The combination of all these assessment types drive our curricular and instructional decisions made daily in the district.

If you have any questions about assessment in the North Crawford School DIstrict, please contact, Cara Wood, Director of Student Services and District Assessment Coordinator at 608-624-5201 ext. 226 or at cwood@ncrawford.k12.wi.us.

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